Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Update

I'm almost 24 weeks along-that's six months. I feel good except that I get super tired at night. If I ever try to watch a TV show after 10:00 p.m. I usually wake up at midnight on the couch and realize that I have completely missed whatever it was that I wanted to watch. As for the sex of the baby: we've decided not to find out. In one ultrasound the baby's legs were crossed at the ankles. The technician said it would be hard to see even if we did want to find out. Some have asked if I feel like it's one way or another. With the boys I remember having heartburn a lot, but not so much with Lacey. But with Lacey I had acne, and not so much with the boys. I haven't really had heartburn or acne with this one so it's really going to be a surprise.

Preschool Graduation

a After two years at Junior Junction Preschool, Lance graduated. I have to admit that I was crying my eyes out the whole time. Some will say, What's the big deal? It's only preschool. But I say that he will never be in preschool again. Milestones like these are bittersweet. Sweet in that it's important for children to progress, but bitter in that it reminds me how fast time goes. So like it or not, the preschool years are behind us, for Lance anyway, and kindergarten will soon begin.

Pine Valley for Mother's Day

On May 10 we camping in Pine Valley, not my first choice for a Mother's Day activity but it was fun. We got our favorite spot by the creek and it didn't rain on us like it has in the past. Alex took the boys fishing while I cooked dinner with our new dutch oven. (It turned out pretty well for my first try. If anyone has any great dutch oven recipes, send them my way.) The fishing trip was successful that evening. Lance even reeled in a fish by himself and Luke almost did. We stayed for two days. Fishing and cooking took up most of the time. The boys brought back six fish to camp after their last fishing excursion. Yea for them, but how am I supposed to cook fish? Although it was fun, I think that is going to be the last camping trip for me for this year. Sleeping on an air mattress and having children kick me in the middle of the night will be less and less comfortable as my belly grows bigger and bigger.

Grandparents' Day at Preschool

May 7 was Grandparents' Day at Junior Junction Preschool. Lance is fortunate to have not just one, but two sets of grandparents close by. Grandma Susan and Grandma Sharon were both able to attend. They all had fun painting and coloring butterflies and eating macaroni for lunch. What a great way for a kid to feel special!