Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is how Lance entertains himself in the car on a long car trip. I happened to be sitting in the back with him when we rode with my parents to the ranch. Here's what you should know about Lance: He's shy at first but becomes very talkative after he gets comfortable around people. He also likes to do nice things for others, but because of his shyness, Mommy has to go with him. For instance, he likes to visit Aunt Nellie Rae who is wheelchair bound, but when we go there he tells me what to tell her. At Christmas time he wanted to deliver treats to the neighbors, so all three kids and I went to the neighbors' houses (not as easy as it sounds). At Valentines Day he punched out hearts and wanted to take them to the neighbors. This time I stood at our door while he went to the neighbors close by. I told him the way we make new friends is by talking to people we don't know. He made some new friends that day. Lance also likes to entertain and has made elaborate stages in our house. He's also rearranged the home decor a few times. Mostly Lance is a happy, curious, sweet boy who is quick to laugh and has a good heart.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Since I have been blog stalking for about a month, I thought why not get into the act myself. But since the purpose of this blog is to keep our family and friends informed of the happenings of our family, please let us know that you stopped by-don't just stalk us.