Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It was my birthday yesterday. I didn't really think about it because I am so consumed with my baby and three other children. But I do appreciate the people who called me or came over or sent cards. It's nice that others are thinking about me when I can't think about myself (that made sense to me even if it doesn't make sense to any one else). This past year has been very eventful for me; selling a house, moving out, buying a new house and moving in, my oldest child starting kindergarten, having my fourth baby. And those are just the big things.But I have to say that in this time of economic strife and uncertainty, we have been extremely blessed in all aspects of our lives. Hopefully this coming year will be as good as this last.

Lia's Blessing

I thought that since Nov. 29 was Luke's birthday and we had just had Lance's birthday and Thanksgiving, we might as well add more excitement to the weekend by having Lia blessed at church. It was a beautiful blessing and the Spirit was very strong. Among other things, Alex blessed her that she would have the desire to seek much learning, both spiritual and secular. He also blessed her that she would be close to her mother. How sweet! Lia is a different baby than my other kids were. She's more fussy, and she mostly doesn't take a pacifier. But she nurses better than they did. Luckily, she sleeps quite well at night which definitely helps my sanity. She is beautiful and our family is blessed to have her with us.

Luke's Birthday

Luke turned 4 on Sunday, November 29. He loves Star Wars; the whole summer was spent watching all the episodes of the Star Wars saga. Of course anything can be turned into a light saber. Luke also loves preschool. He asks me everyday what day it is, and if it's not preschool day (Tuesday and Thursday)he's sad.
Lance and Luke had a fun birthday party.They always enjoy being with thier cousins and they love all the presents they got. They got a Star Wars cake with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker action figures-complete with glow-in-the-dark light sabers-very cool!

Happy Birthanksgiving!

Lance turned 6 on Thanksgiving this year. I really had to convince him that the gathering of 100 relatives wasn't exactly for his birthday. Lance is doing great in kindergarten, draws the best pictures, has the sweetest testimony (he tells me he wants to be the prophet when he grows up), and I love seeing him learn all the things he is learning in school.

Here are some other pictures of our Thanksgiving.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Can I See Your License, Sir?"

So I picked up Lance from school on Tuesday, with all the other kids in tow, of course. I opened the driver's side sliding door to put Lacey in, but she didn't want to get in so I went to the other side to put baby Lia in her seat (she was in my arms). As I lifted the baby to put her in, I the car was moving backward. "Why is the car moving?" I thought to myself. I looked at the driver's seat and saw my three year old standing there having just put the key in the ignition and pulled the gear shift. The car was at just enough of an incline that it rolled backward across the aisle of the parking lot, took out the tail light of another car, and hopped the curb into a rock.

SCARY! Luke was crying and I was shaking and people who witnessed it kept coming over to ask if everything was okay. Poor Luke: he knew he had done a bad, bad thing. I put him in his booster seat and said to myself out loud, "Do I have to call the police?" He started screaming, "No don't call the police! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" So I gave him a hug and told him he wasn't in trouble. When the officer showed up he didn't quite know how to write that up. He couldn't really give anybody a ticket since nobody was really driving. He did ask Luke if he could see his license, which put Luke into hysterics again. We're just lucky that no one was hurt and that we have a good insurance company.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's a Girl!

Lia Susan Pendleton was born Friday,October 2,2009 at10:06 a.m. She weighed in at 8 lbs. 14 oz, and 21 inches long. Sometime between Wednesday and Friday she went from head down to bottom down with her head stuck up in mommy's ribs,thus resulting in a c-section delivery.Mommy and baby are recovering nicely and due home on Sunday. We are so happy to have this beautiful new addition to our family!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're About To Be Homeless

In April we put our house up for sale and at the end of May, it sold. So I thought the hard part was over and all we had to do was find a house to move in to. Well we haven't exactly been able to find a house yet and this morning Alex and I went to the title company and signed away our house. We have put offers on five houses and have either been rejected or left hanging. Our house closes on July 15 and this Saturday, July 11 the movers are coming to move our stuff into storage. So we will be living with my parents for a while, bless their hearts. To say that I am stressed is putting it mildly. Our house is sold but we don't have a house to move in to. The house has to be packed up and even doing one room at a time, for me, is exhausting. We were about to sign our house away-the house that I bought myself and picked out the flooring and the cabinets and the carpet; the house that I have lived in for eight years. This morning I was thinking about everything that was going on and when Alex asked me a question I couldn't answer him because I knew I would start crying. As a matter of fact, I cried half-way to the title company. We have a place to stay, but we don't have a place to live. Our realtor told us today that on one of the offers, they had semi-accepted our offer but the owners were out of town and would have to sign the offer when they returned this weekend. That is a glimmer of hope. It's hard not to have a definite timeline of how things will work out.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Update

I'm almost 24 weeks along-that's six months. I feel good except that I get super tired at night. If I ever try to watch a TV show after 10:00 p.m. I usually wake up at midnight on the couch and realize that I have completely missed whatever it was that I wanted to watch. As for the sex of the baby: we've decided not to find out. In one ultrasound the baby's legs were crossed at the ankles. The technician said it would be hard to see even if we did want to find out. Some have asked if I feel like it's one way or another. With the boys I remember having heartburn a lot, but not so much with Lacey. But with Lacey I had acne, and not so much with the boys. I haven't really had heartburn or acne with this one so it's really going to be a surprise.

Preschool Graduation

a After two years at Junior Junction Preschool, Lance graduated. I have to admit that I was crying my eyes out the whole time. Some will say, What's the big deal? It's only preschool. But I say that he will never be in preschool again. Milestones like these are bittersweet. Sweet in that it's important for children to progress, but bitter in that it reminds me how fast time goes. So like it or not, the preschool years are behind us, for Lance anyway, and kindergarten will soon begin.

Pine Valley for Mother's Day

On May 10 we camping in Pine Valley, not my first choice for a Mother's Day activity but it was fun. We got our favorite spot by the creek and it didn't rain on us like it has in the past. Alex took the boys fishing while I cooked dinner with our new dutch oven. (It turned out pretty well for my first try. If anyone has any great dutch oven recipes, send them my way.) The fishing trip was successful that evening. Lance even reeled in a fish by himself and Luke almost did. We stayed for two days. Fishing and cooking took up most of the time. The boys brought back six fish to camp after their last fishing excursion. Yea for them, but how am I supposed to cook fish? Although it was fun, I think that is going to be the last camping trip for me for this year. Sleeping on an air mattress and having children kick me in the middle of the night will be less and less comfortable as my belly grows bigger and bigger.

Grandparents' Day at Preschool

May 7 was Grandparents' Day at Junior Junction Preschool. Lance is fortunate to have not just one, but two sets of grandparents close by. Grandma Susan and Grandma Sharon were both able to attend. They all had fun painting and coloring butterflies and eating macaroni for lunch. What a great way for a kid to feel special!

Friday, May 8, 2009

San Luis Rey Bike Race

This past weekend we headed down to Southern California for Alex's bike race. We stayed in Fallbrook which is inland from San Diego between Temecula and Escondido. The kids enjoyed the hotel pool and the lemon trees on the premises.
While Alex was getting ready for his race, The kids and I hung out in the car and explored the school where the start/finish line was (thank goodness for indoor plumbing instead of port-a-potties.When the race started I thought,"What am I going to do with these kids for the next three hours?" Luckily they found ways to entertain themselves. They climbed on the big, decorative rocks. Lacey had the most fun climbing. There was another boy trying to climb up and she said to him,"You okay? You mom help you?" It's sweet that she is concerned about the welfare of others. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, Lance and Luke were enthralled with Star Wars action figures. Now I know that if I want to keep the boys occupied, pull out a bucket of Star Wars toys.

As for Alex, the bike race was good, but tough.

<This is Alex on the second lap. He's at the left.

Coming around the corner for the third lap

Alex finishing the race. Don't worry, he's not last.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There's Always Room for One More

So I'm pregnant. Fifteen weeks already. Here's the story: When Lacey was born I was pretty sure that we were done. Three seemed like a good number for us. I told people that I was 90% sure that we were done, but I was leaving 10% open in case something dramatic happened. . ."But I'm sure that won't happen" Well about the time that Lacey turned one, some things started to happen. All three kids would be in the living room and I would think that there was someone sleeping in the bedroom. Or I would get them all in the car and think that I had to go back in for the last one. Hmmm. Then I would think of all the reasons that I shouldn't have another baby. 1.The shots. I have to take blood thinners while I am pregnant which means I have to inject Lovenox into my belly every day until 34 weeks after which it is two Heparin shots a day. Ouch! 2. I'm getting up there in years and so is my husband. Risks of genetic diseases increase after the age of 35. And Alex is already 42 he will be 60 by the time the baby graduates from high school. 3. Alex works long hours and so I don't get much help at home. As I pondered those things, these answers came to me: 1. I may have to take shots but at least I'm not debilitatingly ill like some ladies. I tolerate pregnancy pretty well. 2. I am inspired by several friends who have had a fourth baby after the age of 35. And as far as genetics go, my mother had two healthy children after the age of 35 and my grandmother and great-grandmother both had healthy children in their 40's. 3. As I was thinking about how I don't get much help a voice said to me,"I will help you." So with those concerns resolved, my next concern was how to convince my husband. One day we were on a trip and I was thinking, 'Okay, I'm ready, but what about Alex?" Two minutes later Alex said, "Brent (his friend and fellow Discount Tire manager) said having a fourth baby was the best thing they ever did." After a few more discussion he finally agreed to another baby if we waited until January to start trying. Well January came and we tried and our baby is due October 7. So far everything looks great. I see an ob/gyn and a perinatologist. We're thinking that we may not find out the sex of the baby, but with all the ultra-sounds I get, it may be too hard not to find out. That appointment is three weeks away. And of course we will pick out another L name; we don't want anyone to be left out. I feel pretty good and the kids are excited. More updates will be coming.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Because I Am a Mother

I have been thinking lately about how being a mother has changed my life in unexpected ways. For instance I have realized that any weaknesses I have are magnified as a mother. I've always known I am disorganized, but that is more readily apparent by the state of my house. And even though I thought I was a patient person, my patience is tried daily and I don't always pass the test. But the good news is that I am trying to improve these weaknesses. After all, being a mother is all about on-the-job training and there is no deadline.

But also unexpectedly I have found that motherhood brings out hidden talents. I think I have become a pretty good cook because I am always on the lookout for healthy recipes. This talent is not always appreciated by my children, but someday they will thank me for not giving them junk food all the time. Additionally, since I have a son who is always asking me to draw something, my artistic abilities have improved. I wouldn't say that I'm a Van Gogh or anything, but I have moved beyond stick figures. The birthday cakes I decorated for Lance's and Luke's birthday party were a personal triumph, something I didn't think I could do until I really had to do it. Other things I have learned as a mother: making actual vehicles out of Legos and how to explain good vs. evil in Star Wars. One thing that I refuse to learn: how to play Mario Brothers on Nintendo DS. Lance always wants me to help him, but I just tell him that he is better at it than me.

I'm sure there will be many more lesson to learn and hidden talents to discover as the years go by. Motherhood: a great adventure.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dad's 60th birthday

My dad's 60th birthday was on February 17th. On Feb. 16th, Presidents' Day, we all gathered for a birthday breakfast at my parents' house. My siblings and I shared our memories of dad which we wrote so they can be put into a book. Here's what I shared:
Most of what I learned from Dad I learned from his example. Actions certainly speak louder than words and Dad has been a good example of learning, of service, and of faith.

Dad has always been a reader. He can often be found with a book in his hand, but I also remember some of the times he read to us. During a time with no TV Dad read some Reader’s Digest Condensed Novels. Our John Willie was one. From that story I learned what a fortnight is because Dad was of the opinion that if you didn’t know what a word meant you should look it up. Also he read Up the Down Staircase which was about a new teacher in a high school. I had the chance to read that book in college and it brought back good memories. Learning is so important to Dad that he would do anything to help us learn . There were many nights that Dad and I were up late while he helped me with my algebra homework, which was a sacrifice since he had to get up early in the morning. Dad is also a good example of learning in his ever-expanding list of hobbies. From photography to wood working to computers to vinyl, Dad is always expanding his talents and knowledge.

Dad has never had to preach one word about being of service to others because he is his own sermon on that subject. He is a faithful home teacher and I have heard people rave about how helpful he was and how he was there when they needed a priesthood holder. He uses his skills to help people with electrical problems, and his Spanish has come in handy on a few occasions. I’ll never forget when he and Mom drove all the way out to Sanders, Arizona to bring me a bed and while there he made a few repairs to my little trailer home (although he couldn’t really do anything about the leaking septic system and thus cut the trip short.) His philosophy is that when you love someone you just want to help them in any way you can.

When it comes to being an example of faith, there could be no better example than our Dad. He has showed us that prayer is important by having nightly family prayer ever since I can remember. But he has also taught us to pray when we have special needs. For instance one time I was going to sing at a baptism and I got really nervous. Before the baptism started Dad said a prayer with me and my nerves were calmed. I also know that he has had special prayers answered on behalf of our family because he has testified of such things. He has taught us from the scriptures and has borne his testimony of those things he knows to be true. For him the Sabbath day is sacred and I think I can count on just one hand the times that he has missed church. Dad has done an excellent job of being the faithful patriarch of our family.

Now that I think about it, there are a few things that Dad has taught me directly. One is how to lead music. I remember one family home evening he showed us how to lead music and that was the first time I realized that there’s more to it than just waving your arm around. I think of that every time I direct the choir. Also, he taught us to save our money from the time we were small. We got banks to put our money in (fuzzy rabbit or squirrel banks) and by second grade we had official bank accounts. Being wise with money has been an invaluable lesson throughout my life.

So Dad, thanks for being a great example. I love you.

Family Filled Sunday

It's not unusual for Sundays to be family days. We often have dinner with the whole family on Sundays. However, Sunday, February 15, was a day filled with a variety of family activities. First, my brother blessed his twin baby girls in church. In the afternoon we had family dinner. After that my niece Ashton was baptized and confirmed. After that my brother Austin had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Of all my brothers, that is just the second Court of Honor I have been to, and all seven of my brothers have earned their Eagle Scout. What added to the excitement was that our whole family was there, even my brother Brandon and his wife Cara who live in Idaho, and also Grandma Haynes was able to come down from Utah for the weekend. It was a busy but wonderful weekend.

Annual Valentine Cake Party

For over 20 years our family has decorated Valentine cakes. The party keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more fun. It's always interesting to see how the cakes turn out. Some are packed with as much candy as possible. Some are cute and well-designed. Some try to make a statement. This year I noticed that more cakes were minimalist due to pre-party munching! Here's a look at Valentine Cakes 2009:

Lacey's 2nd birthday

Lacey turned two on February 12. We had a little birthday party for her at Grandma Sharon's house that evening. The whole day I was trying to teach her to hold up two fingers when I asked her how old she was. She could finally say "Two!" and hold up two hands. Close enough! She also sings happy birthday like this: "Happy Bir-day, Sacey!" She's undeniably cute! She got some new clothes, a cute purse and a stuffed poodle.

To continue the birthday festivities, on Friday, Feb. 13 we went to Grandma Susan's for a cousins' birthday party. Lacey's cousins Scott and Ashton also have February birthdays. She got a new baby doll, My Little Pony, necklace, bling phone, a new book and new clothes.(Thanks everybody!)

How did my baby girl grow up so fast! I just want to squeeze her and make her stay little. Her happy personality brings joy to our home.

Campaign Kick-off

On February 9 I took the kids to a campaign kick-off party for Andy Hafen, my uncle. He's been on the city council for over 20 years and now he is running for mayor. Good Luck!