Monday, May 24, 2010

And They All Died Happily Ever After

That is my take on the series finale of "Lost." I am going to miss that show. I don't think there will ever be another one like it, brotha.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lacey at the "Haircut Store"

Grandma Sharon was kind enough to take Lacey to the "haircut store" for Lacey's first official haircut. Lacey got the full treatment and came home sporting a cute bob with glitter hairspray.

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Muffins with Mom

Lance and I went to his school to share muffins and juice provided by the PTA. What a fun tradition!
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Lance's First Baseball Team

This spring Lance has been on an organized sports team for the first time. He has had a lot of fun and I have enjoyed watching him. He really is out there for the fun of it, but he has gotten better and better as the season has progressed. He said he doesn't want to do baseball again and that's okay because we just want him to try all the sports and find something that he really loves.
Lance as third baseman.
A swing and a miss.
In batting order.
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This year's Easter festivities began on the Friday night before Easter. We joined the extended family for a flashlight egg hunt at my brother Aaron's house. The kids loved using their flashlights to hunt for eggs.

Easter morning Lance was the first one awake and he went right outside to where he had left his Easter basket, but it was not there. I told him that the Easter Bunny had brought it inside because it was too windy and he didn't want the baskets to blow away. Actually one did blow away, but good thing the Bunny had an extra. (Below: Lia is sad because her sister stuck stickers all over her.)

I have to say that I enjoyed having Easter the same weekend as General Conference. I also am on the lookout for ways to make Easter more meaningful; so if anyone has any great ideas, send them my way.
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Da Bulls (real ones, not the basketball team)

Discount Tire sponsored a rodeo at the South Point Hotel and Casino on March 27, so we got free tickets. It started at 8:00 and we had a rough start. Luke thought it was too stinky, and he was a little afraid of the pyrotechnics.  Lacey wanted to look at all the displays, and while she does make the cutest cowgirl ever, I didn't want to chase after her and heft the baby carrier everywhere. When the bull riding finally got going, it was pretty exciting, but we left at 9:30.
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