Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can't Stop the Cuteness

Lia is 19 months and continues to be adorable. She says "ma" for mommy, "da" for daddy, "kanka" for blanket "amma" and "ampa" for grandma and grandpa, "dee-dee-dee" for Dora, and "agh-agh-agh" for SpongeBob, and she says uh-oh, baby, and bye-bye. When she wants me to play Wheels on the Bus with her she puts her finger to her lips and says sh-sh-sh. She is getting the hang of being in nursery, and although she is shy about singing songs in class (and I know because I do music time there every Sunday) she often wants to sing with me at home. A few weeks ago we had pizza for dinner and someone left a slice on the couch. I asked, "Who left pizza on the couch?" and after three "not me"s, Lia raised her hand. No way is she being left out. She's so sweet, I could just eat her up!
Lacey in her birthday castle, painted by Grandma Sharon

Lacey is Miss Personality. Everything is funny to her. These days she adds an extra syllable to her words like this: "I want to watch-a my show." and anything that has an 'or' in it gets an oy-fork=foyk, store=stoy. I think it's adorable. Except she hasn't been wanting to go to preschool because she says it's boying. I think she was watching a cooking show or something the other day because she came to me and asked if we could have rose"berry" chicken for dinner. A few days later she had fun helping me make rosemary chicken but then she wouldn't eat it because she said it was dirty. She enjoys drawing and painting pictures which I think are really quite good for her age. Her brothers decided that since she turned four she is now old enough to play Club Penguin online so now she's a big fan of that, too.
Luke is turning into a clever kid. I took the kids to the store one day and as I was getting Lia out of the car a man said to the other kids who were hanging out by the back of the car, "Stay out of the street there's a lot of cars here." When the man passed, Luke said, "Mind your own business!" Cheeky. At preschool recently he was playing with his friends and they all wanted to ride inside the wagon. Luke said "Let's play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to be in it first." His teacher heard him say that and was so impressed with his problem solving skills that she asked him to share with the class.

Lance has been asking some interesting questions lately. One night he asked me who I thought he should marry. I told him he would meet a lot of girls before he was ready to get married. Then he said, "Yeah but what girl should I marry?" The rest of the conversation went like this: Me: You should marry someone that goes to church and keeps the commandments. Lance: Like M____? Me: And someone who wants to get married in the temple. Lance: Yeah, like M____? So it looks like he's pretty set on marrying M____ in about 14 or 15 years. And I will say that I approve of that choice. :) Lance continues to do well in school. Everything comes easy for him-reading, math, art, music. He says he wants to be an author and illustrator someday and I'm sure he can.

I really find it a great honor to be the mother of these wonderful children. I enjoy where they are now and look forward to what they will become.